Our Customer Reviews

Fouredo always strives for the highest quality possible of our experiences. This we achieve by constantly putting the customer at the center when we plan and carry out our trips and arrangements. This has led to a total customer satisfaction score of 9.7 out of 10 after analyzing our customer satisfaction surveys.

Below you will find a few examples of customer reviews from previous trips arranged by Fouredo


Prevas is a large stock market Swedish IT consultancy company, which in August together with 80 of their employees went to Italy with Fouredo. They got to experience some fantastic days with great food, laughter, teambuilding and inspiring excursions to local food producers.

See what Prevas experienced here

Very well planned and executed trip with authentic and great experiences in Parma. We can recommend Fouredo in every way possible.

Thomas Schaumann

Regional Manager Stockholm, Prevas AB


Softronic is a recurring customer at Fouredo who didn’t just book and re-book, but sent a total of 3 different groups to Italy with Fouredo in 2018. This since they were so happy with the trips we arranged for them.

Get a feeling for what Softronic fell so much in love with here

Fouredo did such a great job so we decided to rebook twice. Therefore, we have now been to Parma with Fouredo with three different groups. Very tasteful as a tour!

Per Lundmark

Regional Manager, Softronic AB


We planned and carried out a trip for 25 of Swedbank’s Private Banking customers. Here we tailor-made a longer program packed with fantastic excursions and restaurant visits.

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Our trip with Fouredo was extremely appreciated, both from us employees at the bank, and also from our clients that went with us to Italy. Fouredo was very professional from the very first contact all the way up until everyone arrived back home again. 

Hillevi Cheriane

Private Banker, Swedbank


FG Nordic visited Italy with Fouredo in the spring of 2019 with 40 employees. They enjoyed beautiful Parma, visited producers of Parma ham and balsamic vinegar and had a private pasta class among many other things.

You can find FG Nordic’s activity schedule here

Fouredo’s trip to Italy exceeded all our expectations. Every single one of our employees were extremely happy with the trip – they can’t stop talking about it!

Magdalena Rozmiarek

CEO, FG Nordic AB


When the tech- and IT consultancy Berotec looked for a partner and destination for their yearly fall conference trip, they decided for Fouredo and Parma. They were 55 people visiting several food producers, the Ferrari museum in Maranello, and much more.

Interested in their schedule? Click here

Thank you Fouredo for a great trip. Very pleasant activities, and great food & service. Also, a very clear and good communication with Fouredo from start to finish. 

Magdalena Andersson

Conference trip resposible, Berotec

All our customers and guests have been incredibly satisfied with their respective arrangements. Do you also want to create valuable meaning for your employees or customers? Contact us for a free, non-binding quote today.